It may be hard to believe, but search engine have been around for 25 years, helping internet users find what they are looking for. In the early days, an army of humans collected data and made it available. Yahoo was the best-known search engine taking that approach.

They have tried various user interfaces, including an early attempt by Ask Jeeves (renamed now to Ask.Com) at a conversational interface. Long-time internet users may remember the day when Alta Vista was the king of the search engine hill. Since then, there have been many changes to the search engine road map.

As search engines have become more powerful, they have become more and more important for online marketers because consumers rely on them to find the best products at the best price. Consumers compare one product with another, search reviews, and find the best price.

To grow from a small online business to a major player virtually requires search engines to give attention to the business. For that to happen quickly and efficiently, the business website needs to be optimized for search engine visits and data capture. The search engine needs to know what is being sold, what the business policies are (such as privacy policy, legal policies that govern purchases, etc.)

Fortunately, you can use the search engines as a consumer to find out how to use search engines as a website owner. (Search for “how to do search engine optimization.) It will pay rich dividends to your business.

There’s an interesting article about the history and practice of search engine optimization on the SEO Tribunal website. It includes a review of the history of search engines, from the early days to the ascendance of Google, and then through the various changes to Google’s search algorithm through the years.

It also includes many factoids and fun facts that will increase your appreciation for the influence of search engines on the marketplace online.

There’s a colorful infographic that ties all the information together, making it easy to digest.

Take a look at the article and infographic to brush up on your SEO knowledge.

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