Since social media marketing is an easy way to reach out the masses, most brand depend upon it and many a times they just over-depend.

Marketing Land columnist Greg Sterling has shared three social media engagement and conversion points that he noticed during his conversation with Engagement Labs’ Chief Commercial Officer Brad Fay.

Sterling says, “Fay said the online social conversation is more visible and obvious than the offline “under the surface” discussion happening face-to-face.

Social media conversations skew female and younger

“The social media conversation is more female and younger,” said Fay. “Offline conversations are a different group.” There are also different motivations for each type of conversation. In some cases online, people are using brands to help promote themselves, according to Fay. Offline conversations are more about empathy.

There are also different product categories that tend to be discussed online vs. offline. According to Fay, offline discussions tend to focus on CPG (consumer packaged goods) and food, while online brand discussions often center around media, sports, automotive and technology.

The research, which used surveys and online social media monitoring, looked at correlations between social media and offline discussions surrounding 500 brands over the course of a year”.

Report: Social media sentiment not predictive of offline brand outcomes

Marketing Land

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