Some marketers says it is almost impossible to market on LinkedIn. Why? Well it’s primarily due to limitations that the LinkedIn managers have placed on what marketers can do with their premium membership capabilities and the costs of using that platform.

But you can’t afford to just walk away from it. LinkedIn is made for professionals, people who are getting along well in the business world. As a result, almost everyone on LinkedIn can afford to consider buying your clients’ product or service.

However, this is an issue for small marketers, who provide their services to small and medium businesses, since the marketing budget is never enough to be profitable using typical LinkedIn advertising.

On the other hand, face it, LinkedIn is just too good a business marketplace to ignore. You need to find a way to tap into that big pool of high quality clients without the usual high costs.

Aside from the cost, there’s an issue of practicality. There is a lot of friction in marketing on LinkedIn. There’s a lot you have to do manually. In contrast, there are hundreds of tools to help you sell on Facebook. These tools remove friction (i.e., simplify the work of getting your message out on Facebook) so marketing is simpler. The problem is that businesses don’t go to Facebook to find business tools and services.

We need someone to come up with tools to simplify our LinkedIn marketing, too, if we want to sell to business people.

If yiu’re targeting business people, you really want to get on LinkedIn. Now there’s a new tool that will help you get your message out, to the prospects you really need.

It’s called Linked Assist.

This software is a browser extension for the Chrome browser. It locates targeted prospects for virtually any business to business product or service.

Here’s what it can do for you:
■ Automatically Send connection requests to your prospects; your job is just to prioritize the prospects it finds and then contact them.
■ Send messages directly to people you want to connect with. You can add a personalized message if you wish.
■ Export marketing data for the people it contacts for you, taken from their profiles, so you will know the buiness they are in and how they can fit into your own marketing.
■ Save messages and signatures to use as templates for future cmmunications.

That’s not all it can do, but these are the most important advantages Linked Assist brings to your LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn’s Premium platform can do some of this for you, but the price is a lot higher for less functionality.

And Linked Assist. comes with a money-back guarantee.

Want to sell more with LinkedIn? Check out this new automation tool here: Linked Assist.

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