Search is the mainstream source of web traffic today. With right optimization techniques you can get your websites listed Google search results and get more visitors.

John Chow has shared three steps to help webmasters get their websites on Google faster.

Chow says, “If you are new to blogging, then it’s important you know how to get your website set up and indexed quickly. I know when I started out, I created a website and thought that was the only thing I needed to do to build momentum but I was completely wrong. Google Webmaster Tools has been very supportive in getting my websites indexed quickly because they essentially guide you through the entire process. They outline what’s important and how to make sure certain elements are present within your backend to ensure proper crawling. There are many factors that will help with indexing but let’s look at “3” that I find are the MOST important.

Let’s get started…


These are very important because it allows Google to index your site quickly in an organized fashion. A sitemap can be created using an online tool or through a simple WordPress plug-in. Both are readily available so you shouldn’t have any problem creating a sitemap”.

3 Steps to Get Your Website On Google Faster

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