In today’s world of online marketing, your reputation depends on how well you rank in Google. With quality content and right optimization strategies you can achieve this.

HubSpot columnist Bella Valentini has shared three strategies that can help you secure #1 ranking on Google.

Valentini says, “People are hungry for immediate answers.

Luckily, it has never been easier to find the information you’re seeking via search.

A lot of marketers want to know: how does HubSpot optimize for search? I talked to our blogging team to find out, and put together a series of insider tips we’re eager to share with you. Check out the tactics below, and start maximizing organic traffic to your own blog.

How to Rank #1 on Google

1. Embrace Complex Clusters

Search algorithms are ever-evolving, and in 2018 they are as smart as ever. Search engines are now capable of recognizing connections across search queries.

This has big implications for marketers. Gone are the days when the searcher typed in simple keywords. Searches today are complex, putting the heavy lifting back on Google and other search engines to connect the dots”.

How HubSpot Uses Blogging to Rank #1 on Google

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