Content Marketing Institute is hosting a webinar on ’10 Secrets for Creating Great Webinar Content’ on Wednesday, July 18 at 2.00 pm EDT.

The CMI team says, “Webinars are one of the best channels to deliver content in an engaging and interactive way. But many webinars are still boring, talking PowerPoint presentations that offer little engagement but a lot of Zzzzzzz.

Join us as ON24’s VP of Content Marketing, Mark Bornstein, shares “10 Secrets for Creating Great Webinar Content.” This session will show you how to create impactful webinar content that engages audiences in real, human ways.

Attend if you want to learn how to:

  • Find new content themes & ideas
  • Make webinar content more interactive
  • Build multi-media presentations
  • Create more targeted content

Getting in front of your audience is half the battle, engaging them with great content is the key to turning content consumers … into customers”.

10 Secrets for Creating Great Webinar Content

Content Marketing Institute

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