It is important for marketers to adopt right communication channel to reach out to their prospective customers as it is a sensitive matter for most of the people.

HubSpot’s Jeff Hoffman has shared five tips to help marketers determine when to use call and email in the sales process.

Hoffman says, “The method of outreach sales reps use for a first connect makes a significant difference in response rates. Rather than deciding whether to call a new prospect or send an email based on personal preference, use the method your prospect will be most responsive to.

Which leads me to the question: Phone or email? While there are a few tips that can help you decide, sales reps should know that in the grand scheme of a sales engagement, it’s phone and email. However, I’m specifically addressing the first touch in this article, and since you shouldn’t issue an identical email and voicemail, you have to make a choice.

When deciding between trying a prospect by phone or sending an email, let the following factors be your guide.

1. Time and Day of the Week

First, consult a calendar and a clock. Statistically, phone connect rates rise as the day progresses, and as the week progresses. In other words, a person is more likely to answer their phone later in the workday and the workweek”.

Call or Email? 5 Tips to Determine When to Use Which in Sales

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