Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving and making its impact on almost all the domains. When it comes to e-commerce, it has been creating a significant value for itself.

Econsultancy columnist Wesley Parker has share the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the PPC advertising.

Parker says, “An expert from the field of AI could argue that paid search agencies don’t use AI at all. In the vast majority of the cases where paid search agencies are using AI it has been around bidding algorithms.

Which in reality is simply “machine learning” a subset of AI where a computer uses a dataset to iterate and progressively improve on a specific task as opposed to “deep learning” where computers are programed to learn in the same way humans do.

In the case of bidding it is usually used to either change bids based on position where a machine learning algorithm will iterate towards the most profitable position. Or alternatively portfolio based bidding where sets of relevant keywords will be grouped based on common attributes and an algorithm will iterate towards a defined goal, prioritising the lowest cost conversions first.

Machine learning has also been adopted to analyse data and create models. Here is a great example of a machine learning script by Russell Savage that allows advertisers to see how the weather affects their campaigns”.

Can AI really be better at PPC than humans?

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