Ecommerce can be a profitable, consistent and long-term business. This has been proven over and over. The problem is that getting started isn’t easy. You have to find the best-selling products in your niche, add them to your ecommerce website, and create promotions for them that pull in customers.

New software called AliExtractor can help you start and operate your ecommerce business site using products from AliExpress with a lot less hassle than you ever thought possible.

First, this software can help you find the best AliExpress products to promote. With AliExtractor, you can spend minutes a day, not hours a day, looking through hundreds to thousands of products eliminating all the losers to filter down to just the winners that you can do well with.

From this automated research, you will know the number of units currently being sold of each product. Then using the build-in calculator, you can instantly calculate what you could make based on the numbers you think you could sell and your selling price.

Plus, if you like the product’s potential sales well enough to sell it, you can easily download product images to use in your listing on your store or on social media, including all product variations (sizes, colors, and styles).

In addition, you will need some social proof for your listings. Using AliExtractor, you can download real reviews from just your target country (with or without reviewer personal information).

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There are so many products on AliExpress that it’s hard to do proper research. There are som many products, regardless of your niche, that you need a software tool to sift through the available products to find the best.

Once you have AliExtractor, not only will you find the best-selling products in the niche of your choice. You can also find out the quantity that each vendor is already selling per month, in units and in sales dollars.

If you see a product already selling hundreds or thousdands of units a day, you know it has potential for your own site. You can also instantly find out what their sales are per month on that product.

Want to really find that needle in a haystack?

You can get as granular as you need with AliExtractor’s filters. Just type in what you need and let othis new software do the rest. No longer does mining this data take hours and ourse; you start seeing data in seconds.

You can search based on many attributes of a product:
■ The revenue per month for the product and/ or
■ The unumber of units sold and/or
■ Shipping capabilities and/or
■ How many reviews it has
■ and more

Just enter the criteria you want it to search on, press the Filter button, and the results will tell youyou’re looking for.

Now, you can start finding products with high profit margins in seconds, not hours. This new tool can change the way you run your ecommerce sites. Get it here: AliExtractor.

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