Amazon is the hub for every e-commerce business for getting more sales online and getting established as a brand. To succeed on Amazon what you need to do is learn from the successful businesses and adopt their tactics.

Marketing Land columnist Andrew Waber has shared three myths that prevail among the marketers which they should stop believing.

Waber says, “Between my work and what I see across the e-commerce landscape, it’s clear that brands need to let go of some of these prior practices to address the current market realities of e-commerce. Additionally, by fostering better interdepartmental collaboration, tactics can better roll up to larger strategic goals and long-term sales growth.

Following are the three myths you need to stop believing in.

1. You only want 5-star reviews

Of course, you want as many five-star reviews as you can get, but across verticals and price points, consumers care much more about the sheer number of reviews on a page rather than the overall rating.

The examples below are from a recent analysis our company made of more than 335,000 tools and home improvement pages on Amazon, along with a consumer survey we conducted in early 2018.

In the first graph, top performers are products in the top 10 percent of Amazon sales rank at that price point, while poor performers are those products in the bottom 10 percent by the same metric”.

The myths that keep you from winning on Amazon

Marketing Land

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