Entrepreneur contributor Karl Wirth has highlighted the impact of European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law on  personalization and privacy.

Talking about the GDPR’s impact on personalization, Wirth says, “GDPR is an EU law that took effect on May 25th this year. It gives EU citizens more control over their data, allowing them to consent to what information about them is collected and how it is used. It gives them the power to demand their data not to be tracked or even deleted altogether. Significantly, the law applies to every company in the world that interacts with an EU citizen. GDPR applies to you if someone from the EU lands on your site, regardless if you are presently located in the EU or anywhere else.

The challenge with improved privacy measures is that data is at the core of any great personalized experience. You cannot truly personalize an experience in any channel — on your website, in your mobile app, through your email campaigns, in your advertising or even in a store — unless you know something about that person. And you can’t get to know someone digitally unless you can collect data. GDPR and the increasing concerns around privacy complicate this”.

Personalization and Privacy in a GDPR World


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