The recently announced SnapMailPro is a combination of innovative email software and a technical support team.

For an investment of $1, you can have a 2 week trial of this package to see if it works for you.

The software lets you do A-B testing of your copy for emails, opt-in pages and squeeze pages.

It supports auttoresponder email sequences for people who opt in to your lists. And it lets you segment your list and tag your creative content.

But they not only are they offering innovative email software; they will do the work to get the software ready to use in your business and then actually run the email portion of your business.

With SnapMailPro and their help, you have the chance to earn more profits (by finding out which versions of ads convert better), while saving time, and eliminating technology-related hassles.

And the support team is with you in executing your email marketing process. They implement the best email practices when they work for you, so you can feel comfortable that all the bases are covered.

This looks like a solution for people who either don’t have time or don’t have email expertise or both.

If that’s you, check out this new “done for you” service now, here: SnapMailPro.

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