GoDaddy’s Maddy Osman has shared an useful article on connecting a WordPress blog to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. The article offers in-depth information with a step-by-step procedure to connect the two.

Osman says, “Before initiating any new points of contact, members of your team can consult your CRM to look at past interactions and determine the appropriate next step.

The alternative is manually copying/pasting contact form information sent from your WordPress website to your CRM. This manual process can be fraught with errors and inefficiencies! As a busy business owner, there are certainly better uses of your time.

When looking for a CRM, consider the inclusion or absence of popular features that include: scheduling follow-ups, sharing files, analytics, and sales forecasting.

Popular CRMs to consider

If you aren’t yet using a WordPress CRM, consider the following popular options used by many modern businesses:


Salesforce introduced the first Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud CRM system. Prior to that, CRMs were on-premise systems, meaning companies had to spend a lot on hardware and in-house IT personnel to actually make use of them. There are still some on-premise CRMs, but because of the ease of use and improved security in cloud-based CRMs, a majority of businesses use cloud-based solutions”.

How to connect WordPress to a CRM


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