Google Optimize offers a diverse range of experiment types designed to suit the needs of your business. The Optimize tests can also help you improve the performance of your AdWords account.

Search Engine Land columnist Matt Lawson has talked about five Google Optimize tests you should set up in your accounts connect landing page tests to AdWords.

Lawson says, “Currently, you can run tests on search network traffic which includes search partners, shopping campaigns and Dynamic Search Ads. And within those campaigns, you can set up experiments for the following in Google Optimize:

  • Accounts.
  • Campaigns.
  • Ad groups.
  • Keywords.

AdWords components to test in Optimize

There really are a ton of things worth testing. Here is a list I came up with that may spark ideas for you.

1. How can you make a stronger connection with returning users?

You can get at this a couple of ways. The first is if you have already segmented out your remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) traffic into their own campaigns.

If that’s the case, simply run tests on those campaigns. If your audiences are only applied to your campaigns as Bid-only, you simply have to combine the AdWords traffic you’re curious about with a Google Analytics (GA) audience list”.

5 Google Optimize tests to take AdWords to the next level

Search Engine Land

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