Email automation can set you free from managing your schedule and monitoring the campaign performance. It can also hep you to build better communication with your prospects.

Marketing Land contributor Len Shneyder has shared four email automation best practices for better results.

Shneyder says, “Email automation goes by many names: nurture, drip, triggered messages and so on. Whatever term you use to define marketing automation, one thing is clear: It’s about doing more with less and driving outcomes and long-term strategies to improve customer lifetime value (LTV).

In the case of email, we think of this as a series of emails that are launched based on a discrete or unique set of circumstances that could be initiated by a customer or a marketer to a specific segment that exhibits a set of similar characteristics, making them ideal for this type of automated campaign.

Currently, most email automation is achieved through artificial intelligence (AI) tools, yet surprisingly, a survey by GetResponse found that only 5 percent of email marketers considered themselves experts at it. From GetResponse:

Just 5% of respondents say they’re experts, while the majority rate themselves as Basic or Intermediate. This is understandable, as email marketing is complex and constantly evolving.

This is at odds with Servion Global Solutions’ projection that AI will drive 95 percent of customer interaction by 2025″.

Hey, email marketers — Take a load off and embrace automation

Marketing Land

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