Product launch leads you to the doors of the market but the bigger challenge is to get your product accepted.

Business 2 Community columnist Wendy Marx has shared eight expert tips to help marketers make their B2B product launch successful.

Marx says, “We’ve collected our top 8 secrets to take your product launch strategy from standard to exceptional.

8 Expert Secrets to a Knockout B2B Product Launch

1. Approach It Strategically

The worst thing you can do when launching a new product is to wing it. Don’t leave any part of your product launch to chance. Instead, create a strategy that outlines your overall plan, including audience, messaging, and timing.

What exactly does a B2B product launch strategy entail?

An integral part of your strategy is to find your core audience. Who will care about your product or service? What channels do they use? What message speaks to their specific pain points? Take the time to write up buyer personas for this audience. Outline the specifics about your target audience that will take your product launch to the next level.

Another part of an effective strategy is the people that you have at your side. While it’s always nice to have admirers, they won’t push you to be better. Find people who will ask questions, topple barriers, and poke holes in your strategy. You want to see all of the potential flaws in your strategy so that you can improve it”.

B2B Product Launch Secrets: How to Wow Your Audience

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