Location based advertising helps you target the customers in a specific geographical area. It is a great way to promote your products and services to a targeted group.

Forbes contributor Andrew Arnold has shared four ways to help marketers make their location based ads more effective.

Arnold says, “According to a report on CX trends, most customers find personalization to be at least a bit creepy. Despite this, brands are using personalization and localization now more than ever. For instance, “near me” searches on Google – when the user adds ‘near me,’ ‘nearest’ and nearby’ in their search query – increased by 200% in 2017. What’s more important is that 40% of brands acknowledge their approach is off-putting. That’s nearly half that are using personalization in ways that they know people will find to be disturbing.

In addition to this, social platforms like Snapchat are releasing tools that make location based advertising even easier. In spite of this, brands are better off taking a very judicious approach to targeted advertising. Here are some tips to help.

1. Implement transparency

Customers should not have to dig to find information about their data and what you do with it. When they find it, they shouldn’t need a law degree or an attorney to interpret your disclosures. Instead, make it easy for customers to request and receive this information. Then, present it in plain language that makes it easy for them to understand”.

Location Based Advertising: How Brands Should Avoid Appearing Like Creeps

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