Machine Learning (ML) gives your business an edge as it enables you to offer an automated experience to your customers. ML has played an instrumental role in allowing to use the technologies such as chatbots and analytic tools.

ReadWrite columnist Bart Schachter has shared seven ways Machine Learning can empower your business.

Schachter says, “From machine learning, a whole new world of concepts has developed, including supervised learning and unsupervised learning, as well as algorithm development to build robots, Internet of Things devices, chatbotsanalytics tools, and more. Here are seven ways you can put machine learning to work right now:

1. Analyzing Sales Data

The sales function has benefited from the growth in sales-focused data thanks to the increase in digital interaction. Sales teams can tap into metrics from social media platforms, A/B testing, and website visits. Yet with so much data to sift through, sales teams are often bogged down by the time and analysis it takes to pinpoint the necessary insights.

Fortunately, machine learning can significantly speed up the process of uncovering the most valuable information. Not only does machine learning do a lot of the heavy lifting in the time-consuming process of reviewing all the sales data, but it can also do much of the analysis for your team. For example, Growbots applies machine learning in order to connect sales teams with the best leads for them. In return, sales teams are able to focus only on those leads that have the greatest potential, accelerating their outbound sales process.

2. Real-Time Mobile Personalization

Digital personalization is becoming a more sought-after process to engage prospects and customers, as well as enhance the overall experience so they regularly return to buy your products or services”.

7 Ways Your Business Should Be Using Machine Learning Today

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