Hashtags help you develop user interest in you social media accounts. Hashtags help you get your content categorized and also in getting it popular.

HubSpot columnist Chris Sabanty has shared fifty-eight most popular Twitter hashtags that can get you likes and retweets.

Sabanty says, “Recently, we analyzed millions of tweets and found that some Twitter hashtags correlate with a 1,065% increase in engagement — clearly, hashtags still matter in 2018.

More specifically, we found tweets with no hashtags averaged 1.7 interactions per tweet. Tweets that included #ico, the most popular hashtag, had an average of 19.8 interactions per tweet. That’s almost 12x higher engagement with the right hashtag.

We saw similar increases with other popular hashtags, like #medicaid, #ethereum, and #crowdfunding.

There are two possible explanations for this:

  1. Hashtags for popular searches like #tuesdaymotivation increase impressions per tweet. More impressions lead to more likes, replies, and retweets.
  2. Hashtags provide insight into content that naturally performs well. This might be true for #photography, #funny, or #pets”.

The Top 58 Most Popular Hashtags to Get Likes and Retweets on Twitter

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