An effective email is the one that your subscribers like to read, reaction comes second. It means that at the core of effective email marketing lies your copywriting skill.

Content Marketing Institute columnist Brian Appleton has shared eight copywriting strategies that can help you improve your email conversions.

Appleton says, “Given the value of email and my experience testing what works better, here are eight email copywriting methods to help you successfully transform your prospects and leads into customers.

1. Write a minimum of 3 email versions

One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered is the inclination to create an email quickly, assume it checks all the boxes, and accept the first draft as your final draft.

Here’s how I approach writing new marketing emails:

  • Write a rough draft.
  • Use it to create two variations.
  • Create a more refined, targeted third draft.
  • Evaluate the need for additional drafts.

If you aren’t excited about the final draft, your audience won’t be either. Keep revising until you craft one you’re sure will convert prospects”.

8 Copywriting Techniques to Boost Email Conversions

Content Marketing Institute

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