Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) help you better interpret the data and offer a better personalized experience to your customers online.

Business 2 Community contributor Jim Sterne has shared five steps to help marketers start using machine learning and AI for their marketing efforts.

Sterne says, “Artificial Intelligence is powerful and will open doors we don’t even know exist at the moment. But there are some steps you can take today to ensure that you are making the most of this new capability and are not left behind.

As this is such a nascent area, it serves to begin with a brief description of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. My assumption is that you have read a dozen different definitions and should be curious about which applies to this particular essay.

So how do we define AI?

As an umbrella term, Artificial Intelligence is advanced computer science that brings us computer vision, natural language processing, and chatbots. For marketing, it brings us customer service conversations that include the question, “Are you a bot?”

It also brings personalized, dynamic content, robots in hardware stores, and the ability to order blue pens by pressing Staples’ Easy Button and simply asking for them”.

How to Get Started with Machine Learning and AI for Marketing

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