Amazon, apart from an e-commerce company, is seen as a lucrative platform for publishing advertisements and most advertisers are seeing positive results out of their efforts.

Marketing Land contributor Andrew Waber has shared three ways brands can enhance their advertising experience with Amazon.

Focusing the importance of good content in the ads, Waber says, “Before undertaking more advanced tactics on Amazon, like premium A+ Content, the above-the-fold content needs to be in great shape. That includes the product title, bullets, descriptions and images, and they are incredibly important for a number of reasons.

For the consumer, those are the first things they see when visiting a product page without scrolling. They need to know what your product does, how it does it and why they need it. Secondly, these are the elements Amazon’s A9 algorithm is indexing off of to make decisions on the search results page.

While the titles are some of the most valuable real estate for this reason, resist the temptation to keyword-stuff your title. It hurts your product when it comes to voice search via Alexa; when conversing with a virtual assistant, they’d rather have a conversation than hear a robot voice reciting a list of keywords. In fact, it’s a bad customer experience overall: Looking at a very long product title with a lot of keywords and adjectives makes it difficult for people to get an idea of what they are buying”.

How to get the most out of your purchase of ads on Amazon

Marketing Land

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