Personalisation is the key to achieving more customers and gaining their trust. Intelligent personalisation enables brands to send across irresistible offers in a personalized manner.

Econsultancy contributor Cara Wilson has shared seven principles of intelligent personalisation.

Wilson says, “Personalisation is an investment in creating better customer experiences. Keeping this at the forefront of activity will ensure brands are delivering real value to customers. It just so happens that increased revenue is a by-product of this activity.

What makes personalisation intelligent?

Here are seven principles that underpin a successful personalisation strategy:

1. A seamless experience

Modern customer journeys are rarely linear. To ensure personalisation enhances (rather than disrupts) these journeys, it must work across devices and channels. It can’t sit in silos.

To build a seamless experience, your strategy needs to be:

  • Cross device: Consider how you will personalise across every device your customers may be using in their daily lives.
  • Cross channel: Reflect consistent messaging across channels, so there are no disconnects as people move between them”.

The seven principles of intelligent personalisation

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