An effective copy helps you convert more customers from prospects. It helps you influence people and make them feel the need to get your product or service.

The Business 2 Community columnist Matt Brennan has shared eleven copywriting secrets that can help you attract new customers.

Brennan says, “These copywriting secrets can help you grow your business. It can be challenging to craft your own message, but when you get it right, your marketing can work wonders. Every business wants a website that brings in new customers, but not everyone gets there.

This is how. By implementing these easy copywriting secrets into your copy, you can drastically improve results.

11 Copywriting Secrets to Learn

No Such Thing as Writer’s Block – A lot of people new to writing talk about writer’s block, and the difficulty of overcoming it. Here’s a little secret. Treat yourself like you don’t have the luxury of getting stuck. When you feel unsure, just write. You have a job to do. That job is to provide the type of content that turns casual readers into customers.

That may mean walking away for 10 minutes before your head explodes. It may mean writing down ideas when you’re away from the computer. It may also mean just doing what you set out to do – write. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. You can always edit or determine what’s publishable later.

Try setting a marginal goal for yourself – even if it’s something like 200 average words a day. That way there is minimal pressure”.

11 Copywriting Secrets to Attract New Customers

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