There are currently over 50 million results for the term ‘Infographic’ on Google. Every day the creation infographics are created by marketers and others who want to show information, not just write about it.

Infographics are daily becoming more important to marketing businesses, large and small.

They are effective because 90% of the information that comes into our brains is visual, so it makes a big impact on us. And psychologists have found that 40% of people will respond more to images than to text.

There’s new software available that takes advantage of the power of carefully built marketing images by helping you, even if you aren’t artistic, create your own infographics. It’s called Instant Infographics Creator.

This may be the easiest graphics software you will ever use.

Here are some of its work-saving features:
• Easy, Powerful WYSIWYG editor
• Intuitive Drag And Drop Elements
• Hundreds Of Built-In Graphics
• Unlimited Infographic Designs

If that description gets you thinking about building your own infographics, click here to find out more: Instant Infographics Creator.

Giving your visitors what attractive and informative can move them, both through emotion and logic, to action. A visual stimulus, something with lots of color and images, attracts and intrigues the mind.

Until now creating infographics has been a job for specialists, but with Instant Infographics Creator, even an amateur can create sharp, appealing, informative infographics.

No longer do you have to hire a graphic designer or spend countless hours learning Photoshop. Pick up Instant Infographics Creator skills in less than a day.

Finally, we have a solution that works for everybody. Regardless of your design skills, how far along you are with your business, or even if you are just starting out.

For the first time software that turns anyone into an infographics pro is available to the ordinary work at home (or small business) marketer.

Click here to watch the demo and see for yourself now: Instant Infographics Creator Demo.

This new software comes with 515 graphic images to get you started immediately. In addition, you are getting 25 infographic templates that you can simply modify to save even more time.

We have arranged a suite of bonuses for our readers who invest in this graphics tool. You can get more information about the whole package, including bonuses, here: Instant Infographics Creator

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