Google has added Reach Planner, a new tool to AdWords. This tool will help advertisers estimate their YouTube reach and plan their ads and budgets.

Talking about the features of Research Planner, Dacheng Zhao, Product Manager, Video Ads at Google  says, “In our quest to make planners’ lives easier, we are going beyond reach curves to introduce a key new feature: product mixes. Planners have been using Google’s video formats to reach viewers in different ways, and now we’re giving more insight into which formats work best together. With product mixes, you can give us your marketing objective, ad preferences and budget, and we will recommend the right mix of YouTube’s solutions to achieve your goal. For instance, if you want to maximize reach to drive awareness, and have short creative assets, Reach Planner will recommend the right allocation of spend between TrueView in-stream and Bumpers to achieve that goal”.

Build better media plans on YouTube and across the web with Reach Planner

Google AdWords

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