Econsultancy columnist Patricio Robles has shared a list of six big retargeting mistakes that the marketers make.

Robles says, “Retargeting can be an incredibly powerful weapon in the digital marketer’s arsenal. For some marketers, it consistently produces one of the highest ROIs of all digital campaigns.

But even so, many marketers make mistakes that can reduce the efficacy of their retargeting campaigns. Here is a look at six of the biggest.

Retargeting users who have already converted

The productivity of retargeting campaigns can mask waste. One of the more common forms of waste is retargeting individuals who are already customers of a service. For example, a SaaS provider using a pixel-based retargeting solution might not take care to exclude or remove users who are already customers, leading to retargeted ads being displayed unnecessarily to individuals who have already completed the action the ads are attempting to drive.

This mistake can also occur when using retargeting lists that have been manually created. If the lists are not updated frequently enough, individuals who have since converted could be retargeted”.

Six big retargeting mistakes marketers should avoid

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