In email marketing segmentation is quite important as it helps marketers target the subscribers based on their interests and requirements. There are different ways you can segment you email subscribers.

AWeber columnist Tom Tate has shared four ways to use survey templates to for segmenting email subscribers.

Tate says, “Have you ever wondered what content to send to your subscribers?

Simply ask.

That’s all it takes to get started with marketing segmentation. Ask your audience great questions, tag your subscribers based on their answers, and send more targeted and valuable emails to specific segments.

1. Segment your audience based on how they feel

The survey template in AWeber is actually four survey options in one! Using the Drag-and-Drop Email Builder, you can toggle through the four survey types.

Using a sentiment widget at the bottom of one-time broadcast emails is an effective and simple way to get a “temperature check” of how readers are responding to your emails beyond just opens and clicks. It provides you with valuable feedback so you can constantly send better, more compelling content to your readers”.

4 Survey Templates You Must Send to Your Subscribers

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