Learn from marketing legend Frank Kern as he shares his 3 favorite campaigns for selling products online.

In Kern’s new video, you’ll see the three types of campaigns that all big brands (and big names) use to bring in customers. Kern’s Top Three Campaigns.

There are really only three types that make a difference in your online success. This video shows you exactly how to deploy them in your own business.

Here’s a hint about how these campaigns are deployed by the big companies:

• Have you ever waited in line to get something from Apple? Then you have experienced this type of campaign.

• Have you ever felt lucky to get a reservation at a trendy restaurant? Then you know what this campaign can do to your desire.

• Have you ever bought something on sale? This campaign nudged you along to the marketer’s goal.

You can get a clearer picture of the way to use these campaigns in your own business from Kern’s explanation. Check it out; it’s free: Marketing campaigns that matter.

Not only is it free, you don’t even need to opt in to see this advanced content. The video will just play automatically here: Frank Kern’s Marketing Campaigns.

It shows you what to say and even how to make everything work on auto-pilot.

You might want to take notes, but you don’t have to.

Here’s why. You will see the diagrams, the copy and everything else involved. There’s no actual need to take notes, though, because at the end of the video, you’ll see how to have all of these campaigns set up and ready to use in your business by pressing one button.

That’s because at the end of this training, Kern will introduce a tool that automates these three campaigns (and a lot more.)

Also, if you want to see this All-in-One Automated Business Platform in action, make sure to request an invitation. The tool is called Kartra. It will go live on April 19. If you are given an invitation, you can see it (and use it) in preview until then.

There is no cost to request an invite. Plus, they also send you a coupon code to use to save 25% when it is live. So be sure to ask for an invite.

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