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Monday, May 16, 2022

Facebook: Verification compulsory for creators of Pages with large following

Facebook has announced further requirements to avoid misuse of its services. The company has made verification compulsory for creators and managers of Facebook Pages with large following. They will not be able to post on their pages until verification is done.

The company has announced that the political ads will be clearly labelled as “Political Ad”.

Talking about more changes in the Facebook ads, Rob Goldman, VP, Ads and Alex Himel, VP, Local & Pages say, “We’re also investing in artificial intelligence and adding more people to help find advertisers that should have gone through the authorization process but did not. We realize we won’t catch every ad that should be labeled, and we encourage anyone who sees an unlabeled political ad to report it. People can do this by tapping the three dots at the top right corner of the ad and selecting “Report Ad.”

View Ads and Searchable Political Archive

In Canada, we’ve been testing a new feature called view ads that lets you see the ads a Page is running — even if they are not in your News Feed. This applies to all advertiser Pages on Facebook — not just Pages running political ads. We plan to launch view ads globally in June”.

Making Ads and Pages More Transparent

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