In email marketing, it all begins with the email open rates and than the process is lead by the responses and actions from the subscribers.

HubSpot columnist Meg Prater has shared details of ten email subject line tester tools to help marketers boost their email open rates.

Prater says, “Do you struggle to get prospects to open your emails? Is writing witty subject lines a little outside your comfort zone? Wish you had a magic tool to help you write better, more eye-catching subject lines, faster? Well, the good news is that such a tool exists. The better news is there are about 10 of them, and I’ve rounded them up below.

Check for spam triggers, get suggestions for making your subject lines more emotive, and get an overall grade on how clickable your emails are.

It’s easy to get started. Just pick your favorite few below, plug in your subject line, and you’re off!

Subject Line Testing Tools

1. Test Subject by Zurb

  • What it tests: Appearance on mobile
  • Price: Free

Want to know how your sender name, subject line, and pre-header text will appear on the most popular mobile devices of the moment? This tool gives you an instant preview of how copy will appear to your audience. You know, for those moments you want to avoid someone’s iPhone 6 turning “Products for foolproof marketing” into “Products for fool”.

10 Easy Subject Line Tester Tools to Boost Email Opens

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