Giving your users a promise of their data safety is one of the crucial tasks for the marketing professionals. Everyone is concerned with their privacy and if we fail, the organization fails.

Marketing Week columnist Mark Ritson has shared an article sharing the concerns with data safety and what precautions marketers should take.

Ritson says, “The best case study I have ever used with MBA students is the story of Levi’s suit business. It sounds too bizarre to be true, but it is all too real.

A young and extremely enthusiastic marketing manager called Steve Goldstein starts working on a new product innovation – Levi’s Tailored Classics – an off-the peg, low-priced suit that Levi’s plans to market to its existing customer base for jeans. When I used to introduce the idea of Levi’s making suits to the classroom, every MBA student would wince. And it gets worse as Goldstein works out his pricing, product design and ad campaign (a man in a suit with a horse).

Finally, the errant marketer runs some focus groups with his target segment and – sure enough – the response of the assembled customers is something akin to a war crimes tribunal or a really bad wake. Goldstein watches from behind the one-way glass as each customer tells him, in no uncertain terms, that they do not expect or want Levi’s to make them a suit”.

Mark Ritson: This is a critical point in marketers’ relationship with data privacy

Marketing Week

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