The micro-moments are the frequencies of accessing the search engines by Internet users. The use of Internet and search has grown quickly and has moved from desktops to mobiles.

Search Engine Journal columnist Cynthia Johnson has published a short guide to help marketers optimize micro-moments.

Johnson says, “Mobile search results are frequently different from desktop SERPs.

BrightEdge reported that 79 percent of keywords overall and 47 percent of the top 20 SERPs are different on a mobile device.

This is a concerted effort by Google to show content that is not only relevant on the device being used but targeted to the type of search being done.

If someone is searching on a mobile device, they are more likely to need a solution that is close to them.

Consider the mindset of someone searching for a local business on their mobile device. At home, they could be planning a day in the coming week, mapping where they can get a haircut or what store might sell the new TV they’ve decided to buy”.

Hyperlocal SEO: How to Optimize for Micro-Moments

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