Getting a good rank in search engines is a priority for most businesses. Aiming at the higher ranks, we either go for organic or paid search strategy.

Search Engine Journal columnist Ilya Cherepakhin has shared five tips to help marketers build a holistic search strategy by combining organic and paid search.

Cherepakhin says, “Below are five considerations for synergy between organic and paid search. Together, they create the foundation for a holistic search strategy.

1. It Isn’t Always Organic vs. Paid Search

The notion of comparing one channel versus another can lead you to prioritize one or the other for various search queries. But does it always have to be a tradeoff?

If user intent is unclear (e.g., on some branded or very general non-branded queries), it is desirable to have visibility on both.

Natural search aligns well with users in the awareness stage.

Paid search can complement that well, focusing on users with the same queries but who are ready to transact or make a decision.

Set the stage for your organic and paid search synergy. Develop complementary coverage for reaching all relevant audiences or pursue the same audience in the most efficient way”.

Holistic Search Strategy: 5 Ways to Prioritize Organic & Paid Search

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