HubSpot has reported that Facebook is planning to limit the data available to the advertisers.

On how this data access limits will affect marketers, HubSpot’s Amanda Zantal-Wiener says, “How much do advertisers stand to lose from these changes? Well, that depends who you ask. When I first tweeted this news after it broke last night, one of my followers suggested that he’d be losing a major source of information for his work.

The extent of the setback to marketers and advertisers also depends on the industry — those who depend on a consumer’s shopping habits and history, for example, could potentially lose out by not having access to detailed, third-party data on it.

But keep in mind that Facebook has quite the cache of user data entirely on its own. Remember that downloadable data file I alluded to earlier? Have another look.

The file shows that Facebook possesses a decent — if not confusing — amount of information on users’ interests and activities. And where that data really comes into play for most advertisers is in its own ad-targeting platform”.

Facebook Will Limit Data Available to Advertisers

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