Don’t get banned by your email autoresponder company, and don’t get placed into your clients’ spam folder. Both are bad for business (that’s an understatement.)

We first learned about how aggressive email processors are in keeping emails from inboxes when we received a note today from Phil Benham, the Managing Partner of NetDyno LLC.

Benham was banned by his own autoresponder company for using a JVZoo affiliate link in his emails.

They allow affiliate links, generally; it’s just that JVZoo was blacklisted in their system.

When you are told you can’t promote offers that are the lifeblood of your business, you’re stuck unless you change to a different autoresponder company, if you can find one that’s more understanding.

To get around the problem, Benham came up with a “Safe Link” script for his own website that converted the affiliate link into a link on his own site. The on-site page he links to will redirect to the off-site offer you’re promoting. (You may notice that we use this kind of link in most of our affiliate promotions, too.)

Now, he is confident, he will never get banned again. No matter which email service provider he uses.

He is so pleased with the outcome, and he believes that this link cloaking is so important for successfully getting emails into client inboxes that he has decided to give it to any email marketer who wants it. That’s “give it”, as in “free”.

We got a copy at IM NewsWatch. You may want to get your own copy, too.

Go here to get your free “Safe Link” script: Safe Links for Email.

You will get the Javascript script that you can use on any (or all) webpages you own, whenever you are linking to another site. Then, just using the URL of your own page in your emails; The script will handle the transfer to the other site.

By the way, you will also get a video tutorial showing you exactly how to use it

And both are absolutely free.

And one thing more: if you share it with your friends (as we are doing) and get just one person to download it for themselves, he will also give you a complete webpage template for WordPress that has the script already built-in, along with a countdown timer, and more.

Get your own Safe Link script here: Safe Links for Email.

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