In email marketing, delivery is the utmost important thing. To make subscribers read you emails, you need to make them get it first.

Entrepreneur contributor Colin Daretta has shared a useful article sharing tactics to improve your email deliverability.

Daretta  says, “Think of your email list as a garden that requires constant nurturing. While many delicious fruits and vegetables may grow therein, weeds will also spring up from time to time. Left untended, the weeds will overrun your garden and ravage your otherwise healthy plants. But, if you actively prune those weeds so your vegetables and fruits have space and can grow, your garden will become more vibrant than ever.

In much the same way with email, you need to be diligent about removing unengaged users from your list. I hear all too often that brands are reluctant to remove users from their list in the vain hope that they will someday become engaged. Trust me: If someone has not opened an email from you in six months, he likely never will. Not only are you paying your email service provider (ESP) to have that person in your list but you are harming your ability to reach your already engaged existing audience”.

How to Boost Deliverability and Win at Email Marketing


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