AI-powered machine learning can help you better understand the movements and behaviour of your visitors and help you offer the right products and services. It can also play a pivotal role in boosting your conversion rate.

Econsultancy columnist Matt Lacey has published an article to help marketers improve conversion rates using machine learning.

Lacey says, “84 Per cent of marketing organisations are using machine learning, according to industry sources.

One of the most notable areas where machine learning is burgeoning and delivering fast-paced impact is improving conversion and it’s easy to see why, considering the value machine learning can add to the performance optimisation process.

Businesses already on the AI bandwagon are certainly stealing a march of their competitors – and successful machine learning cases are definitely not just the remit of large dot coms.

The addition of AI-powered machine learning can not only take the time and hassle out of poring through masses of data, but also finds new ways to monetise this data and deliver personalisation at scale. By providing faster and more intelligent feedback, it’s allowing more time for performance teams to experiment and apply creativity to greater effect; and this is the stuff that will deliver a fast return and greater impact on the bottom line”.

How machine learning can improve conversion rate & optimise performance


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