Programmatic native ads provide people with positive user experiences, and they result in better performing ads for publishers and advertisers.

Marketing Land contributor Grace Kaye has shared three reasons why marketers should use programmatic native ads.

Kaye says, “Doing native ads programmatically means you get many of the benefits of programmatic display: automated media buying, effective targeting and audience insights for further optimization. A 2016 Think With Google report found that when the “Flex Frames” native format was introduced by The New York Times, “click-through rates increased 6x compared to equivalent banner ads, and viewable impressions jumped 4x.” According to a DoubleClick analysis of traffic across its network in 2017, users are twice as likely to click on a native ad as they are to click on a traditional banner.

We’ve been seeing similar results in our campaigns. A campaign we ran for a client in the banking industry saw a 158 percent higher CTR (click-through rate) for native than for the display prospecting ads. Conversion rate was 450 percent higher for native than for display prospecting.

Here’s the kicker: Cost per attributed site visit was 36X more expensive with display ads as compared to the native placements”.

Why you should be using programmatic native ads

Marketing Land

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