Customer reviews are extremely essential to generate trust among your prospects and generate more sales. They also reflect the credibility that your brand has earned.

HubSpot columnist Dan Tyre has shared eight ways to use online reviews for closing more deals.

Tyre says, “We break prospect and client scrutiny into two categories. First, you have formal review sites that professionally compare companies, products, and services to help prospects make good buying decisions. Second is general reputation and ad hoc evaluation of you and your sales process by prospects you’ve communicated with. But let’s start by discussing product/service reviews.

How to sell using product/service online reviews

1. Know the Landscape

Whether your customers are on G2 CrowdYelp, or Capterra, it’s important to know where they’re leaving reviews and build your vendor profile accordingly. Customize them with pictures, contact information, and a company overview. And don’t forget to respond to reviews when appropriate.

If a customer writes a glowing paragraph on your Facebook or Yelp page, comment with, “Thanks for leaving us a review! We’re so glad you’ve had such fantastic results using our product”.

8 Ways to Use Online Reviews to Close More Deals


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