Forbes contributor John Koetsier has published an article highlighting the share of Google advertising from the American retail market. The report states that they spend 76.4% of their search ad budgets on Google Shopping ads and generate 85.3% of their clicks from Google.

Detailing more about the Google Shopping ads, Koetsier says, “Google’s shopping ads are not the blue underlined links of the past.

For shopping campaigns, Google lets merchants upload essentially their entire product catalog. When Google determines that a search relevant to one of those products is occuring, one of your products could show up … depending, of course, on how much you’re bidding for that ad spot. If your product does, searchers see a picture, title, price, your store name, and perhaps even an inventory count.

It’s a powerful, visual, and highly contextual ad unit, which explains the dominance.

Google Shopping ads are an important tool in the hands of retailers who are fighting Amazon for market share, says Adthena”.

Report: Google Captures Nearly 80% Of All Retail Search Ad Spend


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