The Google Shopping is a Google service invented that allows users to search for products on online shopping websites and compare prices between different vendors. Looking at a Google user base, it would be a wise choice to optimize Google Shopping for generating more sales.

Entrepreneur columnist Jason Parks has shared six ways that can help you enhance your sales using Google Shopping.

Parks says, “Google Shopping pulls in product information from the title of your product along with information on your website, so there are much more search terms that can drive people to your site. Sometimes this can be good; other times, not so good.

Here are six hacks that can save you money on your Google Shopping while boosting your profitability.

1. Optimizing content on your website

Make sure your product titles are strategically selected and the content on the product pages of your website is well optimized.

If you are selling a product from a manufacturer, you’ll want to make sure the title is consistent with what the manufacturer has listed since this will likely be what people search and convert for. If you have your own brand, it is beneficial to select titles that have keywords with good search volume so people can actually stumble on your product via Google Shopping”.

How to Actually Make Sales Using Google Shopping


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