According to a Smart Insights report, B2B organisations don’t get the most from today’s marketing because they don’t have a planned approach based on an integrated inbound marketing plan. Many of such firms face several obstacles.

Marketing Land contributor Stoney deGeyter has listed five common obstacles that B2B digital marketers face and has suggested ways to overcome them.

says, “When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) marketing, anyone who has been operating in the space understands it comes with a particular set of challenges. Unlike marketing to consumers, B2B companies often have to deal with longer sales cycles, smaller audience markets, and higher ticket prices. In addition, they must first generate leads to follow up on as opposed to selling a product directly.

This makes B2B marketing challenging. While I can’t cover every challenge you may face in your B2B marketing efforts, let’s look at some common obstacles you may be facing and how you can overcome them to grow your business.

Embrace digital marketing

If you’re reading this article, you may have already embraced digital marketing as part of your business growth efforts.

Or maybe you’re still trying to understand if digital marketing is right for you. After all, business has always been good and you have plenty of new and existing customers to keep you busy. So why go all-in on digital marketing?”.

How to overcome unique B2B digital marketing challenges

Marketing Land

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