Facebook has announced the updates to its ad metrics. By doing this, Facebook intends to bring more transparency in the advertising process. The company is also removing some unhelpful metrics.

says, “Starting today, we’ll begin labeling some metrics in Ads Manager as estimated or in development, to provide more clarity on how they are calculated and how you should consider using them. These labels will appear in tool tips within the Ads Manager reporting table and in the customize column selector for ads running across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

Estimated metrics are calculated based on sampling or modeling. They can provide guidance for outcomes that are hard to precisely quantify, and we may update our measurement methodologies as we gather more data and improve our signals. When we provide real-time results, we often use sampling methods that allow us to instantly model metrics at scale. By labeling metrics as estimated, you will now know when these methods are used”.

Making Ad Metrics Clearer

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