Your customer reviews work as an important factor in getting new customers and expanding your business. The reviews also help you establish your authenticity.

Econsultancy columnist Nikki Gilliland has shared six tips to help marketers get more online reviews.

Gilliland says, “It’s clear that buying decisions are hugely influenced by them – but how exactly can brands ensure customers are leaving reviews? Here’s a few nuggets on how to ensure customers are eager to get involved, and the benefits of doing so.

Be present on multiple review sites

There are many places brands can collect reviews. After experiencing a disappointing meal, I recently mentioned to a friend that the reviews of the restaurant I had read were ‘hit and miss’. They, however, responded by saying that they’d all been great. It turns out we had checked out reviews in different places (OpenTable and Google Reviews, respectively).

What does this mean for brands? Well, while it certainly highlights that not all reviews are trustworthy, it also shows that not everyone has the same preference when it comes to third-party review sites.

As a result, brands (who want to encourage reviews outside of their own site) should consider having a presence in multiple places, meaning that customers can pick and choose the site that they feel most affinity with or are already comfortable using”.

How to encourage online reviews (and reasons why you should)

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