Search Engine Land has reported that very soon Google is planning to launch the ‘AMP Story’ feature. To help marketers prepare themselves for preparing the AMP Stories, Paul Shapiro has shared a tutorial.

Shapiro says, “Among the many exciting announcements during AMP Conf 2018 in Amsterdam was the introduction of AMP Stories, a new format similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, implemented via a new accelerated mobile pages (AMP) component.

Unlike Snapchat and Instagram Stories, which are features within their own respective platforms, AMP Stories are going to be found in a mobile Google search engine results page (SERP). As with the rest of the AMP Project, other platforms are to leverage the format as well. These provide users with a highly engaging slideshow experience with rich media features such as video, audio, pictures and text in a format that mobile users have been known to love.

Excited yet? I am, but alas, it hasn’t rolled out to the public as of this writing. The amp-story component is still in “experimental” and development mode, and it must be enabled for the user within the AMP Dev Channel in order to get started.

A select group of pre-approved publishers — including Microsoft, Wired and CNN — already have been experimenting with the format and can be found within the Google experience by navigating to and initiating a search for the respective publisher’s name”.

Making your first AMP Story: Google’s answer to Snapchat and Instagram

Search Engine Land

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