The rise of social offers an added advantage to the brands and marketers. It helps them stay connected with the customers and keep them updated.

Marketers have also been integrating bots to improve their connectivity with the customers.

Econsultancy columnist Tamara Littleton has shared four ways marketers can improve their social media customer service.

Litteleton says, “With customer service teams already stretched, how can brands deliver great, proactive customer service on social media?

There are four things that brands should be doing.

Use bots to free up humans to be brilliant

Bots can be used to triage queries or automate simple responses. Automating non-complex, routine queries (such as “when will my parcel arrive”), if done properly, doesn’t negatively impact the customer experience.

Instead, it takes the pressure off human customer service agents or community managers and frees them up to do what they do best: using their skills to proactively engage with customers, creating personal connections and seeking out opportunities to surprise and delight.

Use data to predict customers’ needs

Analytics and social listening tools can identify trends in behaviour, spikes in queries, or changing demands. This data gives you insight that your team can use to predict what your customers need and want, and deliver it”.

Great social media customer service is proactive, not reactive

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