Recently we covered a news item that answers six questions on ‘Blockchain and its use in marketing‘.

Forbes contributor Steve Olenski has talked about three ways blockchain can benefit our digital advertising efforts.

Olenski says, “Here’s 3 ways blockchain benefit digital advertising.

1. Ad Fraud

The media industry has been under fire as problems with online ad fraud, more precisely bots instead of humans seeing or ‘clicking’ on ads, have shown unrealistic measurement of campaigns. Usually, online advertising uses automated technology, and it can be unclear where precisely the ads are placed, leading to vast amounts of money being wasted because they cannot be properly monitored.

Moreover, if brands are looking for a solution that impedes automated systems such as bots, there are companies such as Ternio whose system helps recognize and limit bots on session starts, allowing advertisers to display their ads to verified users”.

Why Digital Advertising Needs A Blockchain Solution

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