Scheduling plays a pivotal role in your content marketing efforts. You could set and achieve your goals by creating a content calendar for yourself.

Content Marketing Institute columnist Kim Moutsos has shared a five-step guide to creating a useful content calendar.

Moutsos says, “In Content Marketing Institute articles, you probably see “content calendar” and “editorial calendar” used interchangeably. Are they the same thing?

The term “editorial calendar” sometimes refers to a published list of issue themes and dates that sales teams use to book advertising into publications. This kind of editorial calendar typically includes a general description of what’s in each issue but remains vague enough to allow for changes and substitutions.

You can get a peek at many publications’ editorial calendars by searching the web. Here’s a bare-bones example that highlights special-issue themes, and shows ad-close and on-sale dates”.

How to Build a Content Calendar That Goes Way Beyond the Basics

Content Marketing Institute
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