According to SmartInsights, mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop which is 42%. With such a wide adoption of mobile, it is high time marketers focus on mobile advertising.

Content Marketing Institute columnist Marcia Riefer Johnston has shared five strategies to help us improve mobile advertising.

Marcia says, “First things first: Ads (native or not) must stop hijacking our small screens. Melanie describes an experience we’ve all had: You’re reading on a smartphone when an ad takes over, and you can’t close it. Sometimes you get the ad to go away only to discover that your article has disappeared with it. Or closing it merely reveals another ad.

If we want people to welcome native advertising, Melanie says, we must present it in the flow of the content people came for.

Fellow presenter Jay Lauf made the same point in his Content Marketing World talk, Deconstructing Quartz ( How One of the Most Popular Mobile Destinations Grows Audience, Extends Reach in Digital, and Creates a Superior Content Experience“.

How to Rock Mobile Native Advertising

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